Chuck and Madison Smith, dated January 9, 2020 ~ Carol made it so easy and she helped us understand all the overwhelming information out there when looking at homes and evaluating comparable homes. Assisted during all legal events with the paperwork. Always available via phone/text if a question came up. Was around for walkthroughs. Such an encouragement to us.

Leslie Roberts, dated January 4, 2020 ~ A friend had either sold or bought 5 properties using the Choporis Crispell Team and was extremely satisfied with every transaction. Everything went very smoothly. This was an older home which needed some special attention and the Choporis Crispell team understood what it would take to market and sell this property. The Choporis Crispell Team was very knowledgeable about the market and extremely patient with my 87 year old mother who bought this home in 1964 and had never used a realtor, a title company, or seen the paperwork involved in selling a home in 2019. After this experience working with the Choporis Crispell Team, I would recommend them to family and friends without reservation.

Mark and Dana Cullison, dated December 28, 2019 ~ Carol and her team are amazing. I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell or buy a house. They are very motivated and experienced in what they do.

Bob and Mary Lou Wimberly, dated December 20, 2019 ~ Carol Choporis was always attentive to our needs and questions. Was supportive to our concerns and needs on selling the property in a timely fashion. Carol made you feel very comfortable at all times addressing our concerns.

Lisa Longworth, dated December 3, 2019 ~ Carol and her team were great! All questions and concerns were answered in a timely fashion. My house was listed on a Wednesday and had multiple offers the following Monday. Carol guided me through the entire process and the house sold very quickly. I am grateful to Carol and her team for their professionalism and dedication.

Matt and Cari Morrison, dated November 20, 2019 ~ My husband and I have bought and sold previously with Carol Choporis, but at this time, we dealt primarily with Cindy Crispell for the purchase of my stepdad’s home. Cindy was very considerate and patient through the process when my stepdad was at times uncertain and apprehensive about moving forward. Cindy went out of her way to be friendly and reassuring, and to help get problems corrected by the seller in order to make the purchase as smooth and positive as possible. I would recommend Carol Choporis and Cindy Crispell to anyone looking for a realtor who excels at being personal, knowledgeable and professional.

David Fuchs, dated November 8, 2019 ~ I found Carol’s team totally professional!

John and Kathy Boyles, dated November 5, 2019 ~ Throughout our property buying experience Carol Choporis was always available, interested and helpful. Her knowledge of the area and the market was a great asset to our buying the property, supportive in the long process of working out the permits needed through the local government. So friendly too! A Great person that helped us a lot.

Dave Wortman, dated October 26, 2019 ~ Carol Choporis is a consummate professional. She told us exactly what we needed to hear about our property. With her knowledge of the area she was able to locate a buyer, modify the things we needed to do to sell our property and adjust what the buyer wanted so we were able to quickly settle on an acceptable price. She is absolutely the best!

Chris and Morgan Gierhart, October 17, 2019 ~ Was referred by a friend who had met Carol Choporis as the seller’s agent on a home they were purchasing and they liked her better than their own agent. So they referred us to her! Carol was fantastic in all aspects and exceeded my expectations in every regard. She knew the answer to every question we had, and knew the area like the back of her hand. She knew what we were looking for within the first few minutes and lined up an excellent selection of homes. Carol was quick to respond to any issue, even on the weekends. Assisted with arranging any work we needed with our purchase, as we were on the west coast and unfamiliar with the local area. Highly recommended, you won’t regret going with Carol!

Bruce Coates, dated October 16, 2019 ~ The Choporis Crispell Team did an outstanding job in every aspect of the sale. Carol was spot on with the pricing as well as the estimates of what the costs would be at settlement. Carol was very pleasant and very accessible whenever I had a question. I would recommend Carol Choporis and her team to my family and friends because of their honesty and professional way they handled the sale of my home. From the listing in the beginning to the end of settlement I was very pleased. I am very thankful of Carol Choporis and her team for all their help.

Jared Davis, dated October 2, 2019 ~ Carol did a great job pricing the property, providing suggestions to improve marketability, and was always available when I had questions. I would highly recommend her.

Ralph Lee, dated September 14, 2019 ~ Have worked with Carol several times. Best agent and team I know. Carol and team were always on top of everything and very helpful. Carol did a great job on my home sale. Would definitely use her for any future transactions. Tina was awesome as well. Great experience selling the home. Closing was smooth and efficient as well.

Nick and Sharmella Riggs, dated September 4, 2019 ~ Carol Choporis is the bar that all other Realtors should stride to be like. I’ve sold a few houses prior to Carol, but I didn’t have the awesome experience like I had with Carol….

Matt Stout and Tammy Underwood, dated September 1, 2019 ~ We were way beyond satisfied with the service of the whole team at C21NM. We dealt Primarily with Tina and Cindy and they were both very helpful, answered all of our questions and handled everything perfectly. We would definitely recommend Cindy and Carol to family and friends and anyone else that was looking to buy or sell a home. Cindy was very polite and professional. Both Tina and Cindy responded very promptly to any phone calls or emails that were sent. If we saw a house we wanted to look at Cindy had us there by the next day and on some occasions the same day. That was a big reason we were able to get the house we wanted because it was only on the market for a few days and there was another contract submitted the same day as ours. After ours was accepted we had some issues with an inspection or two and Cindy and Tina handled everything. They kept us informed on a daily basis of the progress and were very reassuring that everything was going to work out. In the end they were absolutely right everything went better than expected and we are happy in our new home.

Ashley Estevez and Will King, dated August 26, 2019 ~ We had Cindy Crispell and she was absolutely the best. This was our first home and she was super reliable and patient with us and all our questions. She was honest and kept it real with us on all aspects. We would recommend her in a heartbeat. Thank you again, Cindy!

Paul Anderson, dated July 8, 2019 ~ Carol Choporis did an amazing job selling my parents home…the most knowledgeable person I’ve had the pleasure of working with in real estate (40 years). I absolutely would use her again, and recommend her to anyone. She’s the best!

Rich and Brandy McKelvey, dated June 4, 2019 ~ Carol was very knowledgeable on the sale of our property and extremely helpful with problem-solving any issues that came up during the sale/inspections. She was very honest and responsive in addressing any questions/concerns we had. We appreciate all the hard work that Carol and Tina did to help us sell our home. As a result of their hard work, we had a contract within 3 days of putting it on the market and the inspections and settlement process went very smoothly. We were very thankful to be able to use Carol again on the purchase of our new home. She’s very knowledgeable, resourceful, and guided us in making the best choices throughout the entire process. Carol and her team are highly qualified and we highly recommend her to our friends and family.

Pat and Tracey Wilkinson, dated May 30, 2019 ~ Carol was great, with this being an estate sale Carol went out of her way to keep it from going into a foreclosure. Keeping the mortgage company and their lawyer aware of all contracts and closing to keep them from bothering me. With this sale being more than just your everyday sale, I think Carol did an excellent job.

Jason & Katey Burroughs, dated May 29, 2019 ~ I have used Cindy and her team in the past and they are an obvious choice for anyone considering a purchase or sale of a property. Carol and her team make every step of the process easy and informative.

Artie Goode, dated May 13, 2019 ~ Carol was very professional in every aspect handling the sale, and her vast knowledge made everything easy. If anyone wants to sell their property, they should strongly consider having Carol Choporis handle the sale.

Mark and Dana Cullison, dated May 8, 2019 ~ Carol and her staff are outstanding to deal with.

Robert and Hannah Martinez, dated May 8, 2019 ~ Carol Choporis is exactly what my husband and I needed in an agent. We made a home purchase in St. Mary’s County while living on the West Coast. What could have been a very stressful experience was calm, smooth, and done to the most professional degree because of Carol’s expertise in her profession along with her incredible compassion and support she gave us as her clients. There were many times we could not be present during the home repairs or during times we as buyers would have liked to have been present due to our geographical distance, and Carol Choporis stepped in as if it were her own home. We always felt at ease knowing she would handle all issues pertaining to our home purchase with the most professional and reliable care. She gave us consistent support and feedback during the entire process and was always honest and helpful. Carol is very patient and kind which is very important when you are buying a new home since it’s not only an exciting time, but can also be a stressful time with difficult decisions that have to be made. I feel at the end of our home purchase, not only do I have an agent I would go back to for any future home sale or purchase; but I feel I’ve made a life-time friend. I would recommend Carol Choporis to anyone looking for a top-notch agent. The entire experience my husband and I felt at ease, supported, and cared about. It’s a very comforting feeling knowing you can trust your agent 100% which is what we had with Carol Choporis and CENTURY 21 New Millennium.    

Mike and Amanda Innes, dated May 4, 2019 ~ Cindy was fantastic! It was comforting to know that we were in good hands with an honest, hard-working, and incredibly knowledgeable real estate agent throughout the whole process!

Jackie Paskow, dated May 2, 2019 ~ Carol it was pleasure to know you and to work with you.

Fred Gill and Barbara Moffatt, dated May 1, 2019 ~ Carol Choporis is a premier 5-star Realtor. Best of the Best!!! Having been a C21NM Realtor myself, I knew she was the most qualified Realtor to sell our waterfront home. We had a primary ratified offer and a ratified back up offer within three weeks after it was listed on MLS. Upon moving/retiring to FL, I always knew which Realtor I would engage to sell our home. Carol made it happen!! If you need a Realtor that can sell a home in Southern Maryland, you need Carol!!! Carol is a professional Realtor extraordinaire!

Dave and Kelly Shizak, dated March 12, 2019 ~ We returned to the team of Carol/Cindy after working with them in the past. They suggested a higher selling price than we were expecting, which we received in an offer over the span of a weekend and a handful of showings.

David Laur, dated March 12, 2019 ~ Carol is a professional’s professional in every good aspect. She is concerned for her client’s, as well as the investment the client is about to commit. Had it not been for Carol’s professionalism, experience, and commitment to her client, the deal would have been very difficult. She knew what to do – how to do it and made it happen – and did so, with utmost respect for “both” parties assuring a clean transaction. As already stated – Carol is a professional’s professional – she knows the business and understands the seriousness of such a big deal it is to the average folks when purchasing a home. The above marks and comments are real. It makes a big difference to have someone such as Carol handling the situation. There are many aspects to purchasing a home – many things like the survey, inspections, location situations, settlement requirements, etc., Carol makes it al happen seamlessly and practically invisible in the background. When things go sideways she’s already on it and dealing with it. That’s professionalism! Thank you Carol and your team.

Josh and Sarah Newberry, dated March 26, 2019 ~ the Choporis Crispell Team always takes the best care of us. We have used them for multiple sales & purchases. Their knowledge is extensive and their experience compares to none. We always feel confident with them by our side.

Scott & Kim Boisvert, dated March 29. 2019 ~ Carol Choporis is very knowledgeable about the local real estate market. Because of her experience, our house was priced fairly, marketed well, and quickly under contract. Carol and her team patiently walked us through the selling process and they were always available for questions. We are very happy with the way Carol represented us and would highly recommend her to family and friends.

Tony and Kim Page, dated January 4, 2019 ~ Carol Choporis is the most professional and knowledgeable agent. Her sister Cindy Crispell is also incredibly helpful. In fact, the whole team, is absolutely phenomenal. Carol assisted us in both the buying and selling of our first home (2001 and 2014) and now our second home here in St. Mary’s County. We are beyond pleased! Carol is a delightful person with whom to work and she truly understands the needs of her clients and works diligently to meet those demands. Carol is a well-established and highly regarded agent in the St. Mary’s community and deservedly so. We trust her fully and relied heavily on her experience to guide us through the very complicated process of purchasing a home. Carol maintains good working relationships with all parties involved in the process to bolster clear communication and to facilitate a professional, successful experience. Carol’s performance is, in short, stellar. We are extremely satisfied with the Choporis Crispell Team at CENTURY 21.

Robin and Julia Bates, dated November 2, 2018 ~ We had unsuccessfully used another broker for 6 months. A friend recommended Carol. I checked her sales record on line. I did a phone interview with her and with two other agents, one who also works for CENTURY 21. Carol always kept our phone appointments. She responded to phone, email, and texts. She also had a team of handy men who gave quick reasonable assessments. We had already moved to TN so Carol and her team were very good at using email for handling documents. They were very clear at outlining a complex process. Carol was very professional at working with our previous realtor. That could have been painful, but Carol was respectful and facilitated finding lost keys, etc. We got all the documents in a timely fashion. We understood the process. Such a relief to find a buyer after the “hot” summer season had already passed.

Roger and Julie Mattingly, dated November 1, 2018 ~ We just wanted to thank you, Carol and Tina for helping make our dream come true! You guys are not only our real estate agents but most importantly our friends! Julie and I live for the day and we only hope tomorrow comes. Along the way we meet the best people, like you guys, who make things happen. Thank you so much for all your help. It is so much appreciated.

Shawn and LaRaine Harley, dated October 4, 2018 ~ Have always been the type that would go with what you know. Carol encapsulates the needs we desired in a realtor. An impressive woman with drive, knowledge, and empathetic to her clients needs.

Chris and Cinnamon Colbert, dated September 13, 2018 ~ Carol was a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of the area was extremely valuable. She made the purchase seamless. Should we purchase another property in this area we will contact her.

Anthony and Chauncie Green, dated September 2, 2018 ~ We were very pleased with the short time it took to sell our home. The tips and recommendations we were given before listing our home played an important part in our success in obtaining a contract above the listing price. We are so happy we listed our home with Carol Choporis and Cindy Crispell. I don’t think our home would have sold above the asking price or as quickly as it did if it had been listed with another agent or real estate agency. If you are in the market to sell your home and want it sold quickly, Carol and Cindy are your agents! Century 21 New Millennium is a top-notch real estate company. They are professional, high-tech, and made selling our home a “piece of cake”.

Ron and Terrie Harney, dated July 19, 2018 ~ Our home is a very unique property.  Carol did a great deal of research to bring solid comps to the table.  She did an excellent job with photography and creation of the website and brochures. She provided sound, professional advice from the development of the comps, during contract negotiations and through the final closing process.  Carol is professional and knowledgeable about the business and the area.  We are so pleased we engaged her for the sale of our home and highly recommend her! 

Beau and Tara Duarte, dated June 16, 2018 ~ Carol Choporis and her team were knowledgeable, professional, and were a pleasure to work with.  They provided exceptional service, from personally taking photos and staging our home, managing the property when we were out of town, overseeing repairs and deftly handling multiple offers.  We highly recommend Carol Choporis as working with her team removed much of the stress from the sales process and they commission paid was easily made up by the better deal she negotiated for us.  Carol has our highest recommendation.

Dan and Jackie Covelli, dated June 12, 2018 ~ Carol and he team provided an overall excellent experience for the sale of our house and my mother-in-law’s home. They were always able to answer our questions and worked with us on all aspects of the deal. To include great pricing, negotiating and help with great referrals to help fix all inspection items. We will use them again as well as refer the team to family, friends and co-workers.

Derek and Sandy Frasz, dated June 11, 2018 ~ Carol’s knowledge and familiarity with the local residential real estate market helped us make sound decisions at every step along the way. Her insight and understanding of our needs allowed us to narrow the focus of our search, saving us time, and getting us quicker to our new property. She provided excellent advice, and was courteous and generous with her time, specially on weekends. We are extremely satisfied with the way she got us to our new home!

Matt and Suzanne Rog, dated May 22, 2018 ~ Working with Carol was a pleasure. She knew exactly what we were looking for and gave us great advise. I would recommend Carol to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and efficient agent.

Matt and Susan McDonough, dated May 10, 2018 ~ We were extremely pleased with the professionalism of Cindy Crispell. Her knowledge of the real estate business is evident in how she managed the sale of our old home and the purchase of our new home.

Michael and Janet Persson, dated May 4, 2018 ~ Carol was pleasant to work with, no pressure. She is also extremely knowledgeable about the area and keeps her client’s best interests at the forefront! She works hard for you!

Patti & Gary Costenbader, dated April 25, 2018 ~ Carol was very professional and personable. She always responded to us in a very timely manner.

Mike and Ami Cohn, dated April 24, 2018 ~ Carol is knowledgeable and experienced realtor and her professionalism shows with everything she does. She had all aspects of the selling process covered, from the pre-inspection, fixing, listing to negotiations stages. Everything went super smoothly. Working with her has been a pleasure! We sold the house for FULL price in less than a month!  

Sabrina Hecht and John Turner, dated March 30, 2018 ~ Excellent professional service. Thank you very much.

JR & Lorie Brown, dated March 27, 2018 ~ Carol is an outstanding agent and dedicated to her clients. We recommended her to our daughter who is now seeking a home to buy in the area. She got to know us quickly and listened carefully to our desires and needs. She asked thoughtful questions to understand our requests and helped us explore other ideas. Our needs were very specific and she helped us identify a great lot, builder and banker. Our dream home will be finished soon and Carol will always be welcome in our home.

  Sid and Jackie Lawrence, dated March 16, 2018 ~ Whether you are a first time home buyer/seller, or an experienced buyer/seller, Carol Choporis and her team can be relied on to ensure every step of the process is understood and handled. The support and service we received from her and her team was top notch! Her recommendations, knowledge of the area and market, and steadfast determination were instrumental in the timely sale of our home. I would recommend her services to anyone in the real estate market, especially if they are looking for assistance in making the buyer/selling process an easy one!

Kevin and Kim Forney, dated March 15, 2018 ~ The team was very knowledgeable with St. Mary’s County real estate. Professionalism, individual attention, personal caring, and follow thru were some of the preeminent characteristics that were evident and practiced by Carol Choporis and Cindy Crispell and their team! They made me feel like family, like my home was their home. They helped me on so many different emotional levels that cannot be described by a survey. Not only did the team help us through the entire staging and selling of our home, they put us in contact with a C21 agent in the new area that we were moving to. There was so much to do buying and selling a house. CENTURY 21 took care of all of it for us! The Choporis Crispell team took care of all the details in selling our home. They communicated frequently with us and made the sell seem easy. I would and have recommended them on Facebook and to all my friends.  

Gary and Robin Willis, dated March 9, 2018 ~ we had some family trauma which put us in a difficult financial situation. We were put in a situation we had to sell the house or go to foreclosure. Carol was so sensitive to what happened to us. Carol was so sympathetic to our situation but she was also realistic and practical. We knew where we stood with her, like it or not. It was my belief that she felt our pain during this difficult time. I will never forget her heartfelt responses while our house was on the market. Even at the closing table when I thought it was going to be a stressful encounter and I believe it’s because of Carol’s positive and sunny personality. You don’t just want Carol to be your agent, you also want her to be your friend.

Butch and Ellen Bailey, dated March 6, 2018 ~ This was our first experience with this type of situation and my husband was battling multiple health issues during this time.  Carol and her team were outstanding!  They were very supportive of our schedules with doctors’ visits and went above and beyond to take care of any and all issues with the mortgage company as they arose to keep our stress at a minimum. 

Kal and Michele Leikach, dated March 4, 2018 ~ We normally don’t write reviews.  We are making an exception in this case because we have rarely encountered professionalism at this level.  From initial contact (1/15/18) to settlement on our house (2/26/18), Carol, Cindy, and Tina were amazing.  The communication was constant, thorough, and empathetic.  Even though we received an acceptable offer quickly, we already knew that even if that transaction had not worked out, we were with the right team to handle the sale of our home.  Carol Choporis, Cindy Crispell, and Tina Henderson are the very best realtor team we have ever worked with (and we’ve bought and sold many homes in 40+ years).  Our endorsement is genuine and are so grateful to them for making this experience as stress free as selling a home can be.  We would (and will) recommend them to everyone we know.

John and Dawn Gatton, dated February 6, 2018 ~ This team was to me a dream come true.  They were all very knowledgeable and helpful through the whole process.  They were very meticulous and they were exceptional when it came to attention to detail.  I would strongly recommend this team to anyone.  What a joy to work with!

Mark & Dana Cullison, dated February 6, 2018 ~ Always a pleasure to work with Carol and her team.  Carol is so professional and a joy to work with.  Carol has an excellent team especially Tina, I don’t know what we would do with out her looking out for us.  Carol and her team make this process so easy. 

Brittany Gross, dated January 8, 2018 ~ I have nothing but positive feedback for Cindy and Carol…great agents, who were supportive from the very beginning right through the end (closing).  I couldn’t have asked to be represented in any other way or by anyone else.  I would definitely recommend them to family and friends because when I first began this process, I had an idea what I was interested in and being a first time homebuyer I did not know what to expect; however, they made the process as seamless as possible.  Thank you!

Chris and Angie Kalnasy, dated January 4, 2018 ~ I had particular needs in finding a new home that it needed to be wheelchair accessible for my wife.  The Choporis Crispell Team was so patient with me finding the perfect home for us.  They knew we couldn’t just ‘settle’ for a home and also wanted something that was move in ready and did not need a lot of renovations up front.  I could not recommend this team to enough people.my first home buying experience.  I will definitely recommend you to friends.